Enjoy the imaginary craft of Esposende, represented in reed mats, baskets and sculptures in granite, among other Works.

The imagination of our craftsmen finds its best expression in the work in granite and reeds.
Fruit of each artisan's own sense of the whole community life that surrounds and knowledge acquired over time, the craft is the result of an imaginary creation of each individual artist, the memory of a past.
The discovery of the utilitarian and decorative function of the craft dates back to the middle Ages, continuing its maturation over the centuries based on the specific identity of its own arts and knowledge of each local community.
The parts that are purchased today hold a symbolic value, aesthetic or showing of remembrance, becoming objects of art or testimony of tradition.
Esposende is extremely rich in granite, raw material worked by the "magic hands" of the Artisans who transform stones in work of art. The characteristic work of reeds, resulting in the production of carpets, runners and baskets are also the testimony of a legacy of older generations.