March with flavours from the sea

This gastronomic event is complemented by a wide entertainment program.

The end of the first quarter is celebrated every year with a palette of new flavors coming from confection of fish and shellfish from the sea and rivers of Esposende.It happens like this for a long time, in March, a month dedicated to the art and mastery of chefs from local catering units, rediscovering new palates in old dishes, with a new contemporary twist.The restaurants are prepared to welcome guests, curious to taste new offers, because they already put this event in their gastronomic calendar as an almost sacred space of pilgrimage to the restaurants of the seaside.In this sea municipality, the art of cooking is expected by all, as the Food and Wine is recognized as one of the main motivations that lead tourists to this destination of excellence.Leafing through the menu presented annually, you will certainly notice dishes more "daring" and other more usual. It is a happy marriage between tradition and innovation.