Polvo à Esposende

The octopus is part of Portuguese culinary tradition, being rich in nutrients and proteins, vitamins and minerals and especially in iodine.

Across the coast, the species Octopus Vulgaris is abundant, which is fished on the rocky shores or in the calm sea.
In Esposende, most restaurants offer traditional dishes of octopus, using the name "Polvo da Pedra". We can appreciate all along the coast, a line of cliffs, beaten by this strong sea, rich in limpets, mussels, shrimp and crabs, which the octopus likes.
Hence the name "Polvo da Pedra", as the basis of a new recipe that will represent Esposende and captivate the curiosity of many visitors.
You can use fresh or frozen octopus, as  long as it is caught on the coast of Esposende, to ensure the genuineness of the product.

Download: [Polvo à Esposende]