The importance of gastronomy is unquestionable, as a differentiating factor of our tourist offer.


The octopus is part of Portuguese culinary tradition, being rich in nutrients and proteins, vitamins and minerals and especially in iodine.

The richness, originality and diversity of food are the subject of worship and an asset to the tourists who visit us.

The municipality of Esposende, belonging to large demarcated region of Vinho Verde and Cávado subregion reveals some peculiarities which are worth highlighting.

Pastry and regional confectionery are increasingly important in the area of the gastronomic heritage of each region, being a true identity mark of the local population.

The end of the first quarter is celebrated every year with a palette of new flavors coming from confection of fish and shellfish from the sea and rivers of Esposende.

The county Esposende - Land of Sea of ​​Braga - presents us with a cuisine based on the excellence of fish and seafood, prepared and cooked with art and mastery by restoration professionals.


It is unquestionable, touristically, the importance of food and wine as a differentiating factor of our tourist offer. Get to know the local producers of the region, the history of each of its Farms and the respective techniques used in wine production.


The charm, the hospitality characteristic of our people and the quality of local products will give you a unique dining experience. With prime locations and a cuisine that is distinguished by memorable flavors, the county's restaurants gather the perfect conditions to a very special meal.

Traditional Sweets

The sweetmeats's main icon are Clarinhas of Fão, which thin and crispy dough sprinkled with powdered sugar involves the filling of squash, not forgetting other delicacies such as the renowned cavacas and folhadinhos