Aromas and Flavors

The richness, originality and diversity of food are the subject of worship and an asset to the tourists who visit us, soon followed by the climate, the friendliness of the people and the monuments. The importance of our gastronomy has been well recognized by the Government through the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 96/2000 which established its integration as a member cultural heritage of Portugal.

The importance of gastronomy as a differentiating factor of our national tourism is unquestionable.

In Esposende, the Portuguese traditional cuisine has a permanent place at the table of our restaurants. The care placed in the art of cooking and serving great meals, "true delicacies of the Gods" reflects purity, variety, authenticity and tradition of our cuisine, based on fish of our seas and rivers.

In this "Land of Sea", emerges in the menus, the succulent sea bass - cooked in the oven or with rice - the wonderful mullet, the bream or a delicious salmon, not to mention the famous bacalhau and sardines cooked in "different ways," or the richness of our coast shellfish and catfish, which represent a sign unique cuisine in the region and country. To accompany these dishes are tasting the green wines of Farm, soft, light and aromatic from the sunny slopes of the valleys of Neiva and Cávado.

The famous and sugary clarinhas of Fão, Cavacas or Folhadinhos are the closure of a sumptuous meal.

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