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TOP 6 to see

Discover unique spaces of great diversity and rich landscape.

The center of Esposende presents itself like the living room of the county of Esposende.

The history of Fão reflects a time when shipbuilding and discoveries marked the history of our country.

Apúlia, soft sand, calm sea, tender waves the plane covered with maize fields…

Discover the local history, with visits to the “Castro” (Hill Fort) of S.Lourenço, as well as the remaining historical and archeological heritage of Esposende.

For the extraordinary conditions it offers, whether on the banks or on the waters of Cávado river, Barca do Lago is a very popular site.

Holiday Transfers and Tours

Transfers and tours that aim to show all the tourist richness of this area. With different offers and possibilities, allows experiences that meet the goal of each person. Regional tours, thematic tours, tours "a la carte" and transfers in the North are some of the options available.