Nautical Activities

Esposende continues to stand out as a destination of maritime and fluvial character.
The dynamics of the local operators that work the nautical activities has been visible, increasing the number of enthusiasts who are attracted to the wind, the water ... with some adrenaline in the middle.
Discover here the many possibilities that exist to discover, in an exciting way, our territory of adventure.


Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and embraced by the estuaries of Cávado and Neiva rivers, the county of Esposende has excellent conditions for canoeing. No wonder Esposende has several medals of global value in this activity. Leisure will also be one of the ways to enjoy this landscape with various companies that provide a contribution to a better ride, in the calm waters of the rivers and perhaps with greater dexterity, an adventure into the Atlantic!


Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Esposende has excellent conditions for diving. A wide variety of fish and marine invertebrates associated with rocky bottoms and kelp forests satisfy divers of all levels. The bottom of our coast due to its wealth is classified as Marine Park! Come explore.

Jet Ski

Excitement, adventure and adrenaline are guaranteed in the various options available to nature and the sports lovers. This fantastic water sport, has plenty of fans who want to have fun, relax and enjoy the excellent conditions that Esposende offers to practice this sport.

Kayak runs

Enjoy one of the most beautiful rivers of our region. The beautiful scenery along the way make this activity even more attractive and unforgettable. Adventure yourself through the waters of Esposende and live moments of pure fun.


Esposende has excellent conditions, technical and geographical,to the practice of this activity. With the ability to accommodate practitioners of various levels, the beauty of the place, the sandbank and Cávado river are magnificent backdrops for those who want to start in this activity or give rise to imagination in their maneuvers! In the most active sports kitesurf is leading, and Esposende is considered a hotspot of the sport, given the unique conditions touting for its practice.

Paddlesurf and StandUp Paddle

Paddle Surf and Stand Up Paddle are aimed to unite the skills and performance possibilities of classic and modern surfing using the paddle. Thus, it is intended that the capabilities and characteristics of the equipment (surfboard and paddle) are combined.


Build a raft and go down a river with beautiful scenery and lots of fun are the main goals! Enjoy what we have to offer: two beautiful rivers (Cávado and Neiva) and teams that will help you have a different day! Contact us and enjoy what Esposende has to offer!

River tours

A quiet stroll under the waters of Cávado and Neiva rivers are the delight of nature lovers. Relax and enjoy magnificent views over a quiet river ride. A different way to know our county.

Surf and Bodyboard

The surfers also find in Esposende good waves to give strokes to the sport, including the beaches of Apulia, Suave Mar and Ofir. Excellent beaches with good weather and lots of waves. Come experience the art of taming nature.