Because salt water and sunny landscapes have the best calming effect.Energize yourself with the “atlanticity” of our Territory!

TOP 3 to do

For the wave and sea lovers.

Be adventurous and discover the footpaths

Find the perfect conditions for this sport in Esposende

TOP 6 to see

Discover unique spaces of great diversity and rich landscape.

The center of Esposende presents itself like the living room of the county of Esposende.

The history of Fão reflects a time when shipbuilding and discoveries marked the history of our country.

Apúlia, soft sand, calm sea, tender waves the plane covered with maize fields…

Discover the local history, with visits to the “Castro” (Hill Fort) of S.Lourenço, as well as the remaining historical and archeological heritage of Esposende.

For the extraordinary conditions it offers, whether on the banks or on the waters of Cávado river, Barca do Lago is a very popular site.

Sea and Adventure

By combining all aspects of nature, Esposende offers various aquatic activities.

Nature and Discovery

Let yourself be enchanted and discover places with wonderful panoramic views of Esposende.

Culture and Tradition

There are traditions that are forever and Esposende is a land of memories of ancestors and cultural wealth.


Enjoy a moment just for yourself and relax in spaces designed to provide you with the maximum well-being, comfort and relaxation. You will rejuvenate physically and mentally.


There are many paths to discover and places to meet. Let yourself go on trails you have never met and discover a little more of our region.


Discover the places where you can relax and have fun in Esposende. Make a special toast with your friends and enjoy the night.