Picnic Parks

The municipality of Esposende, with an area of 95km2, makes available to the resident population and visitors 14 spaces designated as Picnic Parks, distributed and located throughout the municipality in most parishes, with different reasons to get to know the territory.

All are easily accessible and parking and with inspiring landscapes, they also have a wide range of heritage, historical, cultural and natural surroundings, which will allow small incursions for as long as they have available. The integrated equipment is diversified and according to the choice of each cook and the characteristics of each group.
This list will be just a selective suggestion, to get to know the 14 best lunch parks in the municipality of Esposende, which aim at well-being and allow moments of leisure and entertainment, in a very pleasant way of getting to know the territory and enjoying it with leisure and tranquility.

Download here the picnic park guide.