Curvos Multisport Picnic ParK

Location: Curvos Parish.
Accesses: On the EN305 and Rua do Calvário.
Coordinates: 41º33'28.82"N, 8º44'16.17"W
Equipment: Tables, chairs, mesh / bocce court, children's playground, exercise circuit, bathroom, multi-sport playground with synthetic grass. No drinking water.

Description: This is one of the most complete places in terms of equipment, as it is located in a nerve point of this locality, with the parish council nearby and next to the Sports Field. In an urban / rural environment, very close to the hill makes it a very pleasant place and suitable for larger sporting encounters.

Parking: Very varied, with the possibility of stopping public transport vehicles for passengers or for the disabled.
Cultural Heritage Appreciation: Community laundry, Curvos Parish Church.
Natural Heritage Appreciation: Alto de Frossos Viewpoint, Santa Baia Geological Complex.
Services: There are several establishments around that can contribute to last-minute shopping so that nothing is missing from the lunch.
Routes: PR11 EPS Between Valleys and Farms.