Remarkable Trees

Remarkable Trees Routr

Aware of the importance of the municipality's forest heritage and determined to guarantee its preservation, the Municipality started a project to safeguard the so-called Remarkable Trees of the Esposende Forest.
At stake is a set of multisecular specimens, remarkable for their age, but also for their size and/or atypical formation. In the first phase was carried out a survey of remarkable specimens with interest to be preserved. Subsequently, the investigation of the owners of the trees will be carried out to promote the corresponding awareness and ensure the commitment to safeguard them.
Considering the exceptional characteristics of these specimens, their loss would constitute serious damage, as it would take centuries to achieve a similar living heritage. For the patrimonial value that they represent for the Forest of the county, the Municipality intends to guarantee the preservation of these remarkable trees, leaving them to future generations.
Although there are more specimens in the process of being classified, at the moment we only have the above-mentioned list. The oldest specimen of all will be contemporary to the elevation of Esposende as a city, believing that in 2021 it will complete the ancestral age of 445 years. All trees are living testimonies of historical events, they register climatic characteristics inside, such as the difference between years.