Stone Pine of Antas

Town: Antas
Species: Pinus pinea
Estimated age: 100 years old
Interest: Dimension
Location: 41°35'39.50"N 8°45'47.81"W (41.594306, -8.763281)

The present tree located next to Quinta dos Filipes, in the parish of Antas, is located in the place where a battle took place at the time of the French invasions. It’s the largest and majestic stone pine in the municipality, with a beautiful shape and dimension.
This species would once have been quite common all over the county. In the past, there were two shipyards, one in Esposende and the other in Fão, which consumed a considerable volume of wood. Thus, the nearest trees were cut down for shipbuilding, although the larger specimens are further away from those two urban centers.
In addition to the beautiful surroundings of the space, considerable biodiversity is also visible with this tree species, such as the squirrel and a diversity of birds.

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