Pedunculate Oak

Town: Fonte Boa
Species: Quercus robur
Estimated age: 300 years old
Interest: Age and features
Location: 41°30'24.82"N 8°44'28.23"W (41.506894, -8.741175)

The present tree sits in the extinct medieval parish of Alapela, attached to Fonte Boa in 1542 by the Archbishop of Braga D. Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires.
Its primitive church went into ruin, being replaced in 1701 by the current Chapel, by which time this oak already existed.
Located in the old Caminho dos Cavaleiros, it has witnessed over the centuries the passing of generations of pilgrims, knights, among others, who passed in connection with the Estrada Real.
The place is a must-see on one of Santiago's primitive roads, which is still standing today. Even today, it is an inevitable passage from the Santiago roads to Barca do Lago, where the legendary Barca de Passagem existed.
The Galician pilgrim, who contributed to the Galo de Barcelos legend, had to have passed precisely in this place.
Thousands of pilgrims of different nationalities have also passed and continue to pass through this tree, which presents an atypical and curious formation in its main trunk.
This living testimony of strength, resistance, resilience and perseverance went through bad weather and several interventions, but it is still alive after everything that witnessed. Even today, this elder “now with a cane”, as well as the pilgrims who pass by with their canes to support themselves on their journey, the Oak also supports himself “on his cane”, on this long journey.

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