Go Kite School - Esposende

Go Kite School - Esposende

How many times you have desired fly? Imagined the feeling of freedom, adrenaline. And how many times have you desired navigate uncharted waters? Would you set out to discover without limits? The Gabriela Kite Surf School can initiate the art of dominate the wind and the sea.


  • Kitesurfing lessons
  • Stand Up Paddle lessons
  • Kite Camps
  • Taxi Boat and suport to Kitesurf
Kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing lessons

Our kite school activities take place in Cávado river, near its mouth, a flat water zone and shallow, ideal for learning the sport. We have beach facilities (river) with fixed installations, storage and changing rooms.



(+351) 934 179 024


Centro de Actividades Náuticas – Forum Esposendense - 4740-204 Esposende