Clube Hípico do Norte

Clube Hípico do Norte

The Clube Hípico do Norte (CHN) aims to be an active institution in the north of the country, integrating in its concept, quality services and a dynamic protocol of cooperation with various institutions. The atmosphere and location are a haven to pressure from urban centers and a symbol of quality of life, with the ability to arouse feelings, experiences and bonds of affection. The quality of sports training and facilities are guarantees that perspectivam strong growth riding on Esposende municipality and, on the other hand, seek to continue the significant sporting results within the performance.


  • Trail for a day
  • Riding clinics
Trail for a day

Trail for a day

11:00am Carriage Drive
12:00am Visit to a Monastery
Lunch by the sea (not included)
3:00pm Horse trail along the river

Options: Transfers can be arranged
Choice of Trail: Beach Ride (+60€/person)



(+351) 966 614 798

(+351) 963 662 349



Caminho do Areal - 4740-474 Gandra