Sebastião e Clarinha à descoberta de Esposende

«Sebastião e Clarinha à descoberta de Esposende» is an infantile-juvenile tourist narrative edited by the Municipality of Esposende, in collaboration with several schools of the county.

Aimed at children and young people from 6 to 12 years of age, the publication results of the work of about 280 students. The story proposes an itinerary to visit Esposende with Sebastião and Clarinha, the characters of this story whose names relate to the history and origins of Esposende and its most emblematic sweet (Clarinha). The publication, more than a fun narrative, is a kind of tourist guide for the youngest, being an excellent way of spreading and promoting the territory of Esposende.

Request this free publication in the Tourist Information Center of Esposende, complete the games contained in the support and wander around the municipality, gathering the necessary stamps for the offer of a souvenir alluding to Esposende.