Castro São Lourenço (Vila Chã)

The fort of St. Lourenço is a fortified village, where relics have been found going back to the IV century BC. Since the II century BC that the houses were built around the hill heights. The excavated area showed the existence of housing units, which are often surrounded by paved. The defense was provided by three walls. After a period of abandonment Mount St. Lourenço returns to be occupied, around the century. XIV when a defensive system was built, like small castle. In addition to the archaeological-historical aspect of the Mount St. Lourenço it is a place of rare beauty. Viewpoint overlooking the Atlantic, allows view of the coastline, which features items such as the Povoa de Varzim, the Ofir pine forest or even the famous "Cavalos de Fão". Besides the wonderful view you can still enjoy a calm and restful environment.



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