10 - Arq. Júlio Oliveira (1962)

JÚLIO DE OLIVEIRA - Lisbon, parish of the Angels, 09/16 / 1920-2008

Attends the School of Belas Artes in Lisbon and then the Port. In Oporto he was a student of Carlos Ramos.

Collaborates with Engineers Reunited and various works. Together with the architect Alfredo Magalhães, he produced a vast collection of architecture from the 50s / 70s in the parish of Fão (Ofir).

Website: https://goo.gl/Ba3FkF

Address: Hotel Parque do Rio - Parque Natural do Litoral Norte, Caminho Padre Manuel de Sá Pereira, 4740-405 Fão

10 - Arq. Júlio Oliveira (1962)