D'abelheira windmills park

The Parque dos Moinhos D'Abelheira is a space of memory, where visitors will very soon have the opportunity to understand the functionality of the equipment/mills, learn about the whole process involving sowing and collecting the grain, as well as the various methods needed to prepare it for corn milling.
In addition to visiting the wind mill, the ethnographic mill and another dedicated to the energy future, participants will soon be able to experience the process of flouring, handling a mill, adding water to flour for subsequent leavening and baking of bread.
The Workshops will seek to recover the tradition and know-how associated with the making of bread, while also raising awareness of the importance of the human and community dimension, and the sacredness of this food.

Geolocation: 41°33'59.58"N; 8°46'32.95"W

E-mail: turismo@cm-esposende.pt

Telephone: (+351) 253 960 182

Address: Rua da Abelheira, Marinhas