S. Lourenço Interpretive Center

The Interpretive Center of S. Lourenço (ICFTU), located in the municipality of Esposende, is a permanent institution, non-profit, which will be at the service of society, contributing to its progress. Aims to promote the cultural dynamics of an important archaeological site comprising the castro of St. Lawrence and an area which includes the surrounding area. Intends to leverage this attractive hub of the city, working with the scientific community information for educational and recreational purposes. The building also houses the Office of Cultural Heritage Authority that, in addition to the studies on the archaeological and historical heritage of the county, invests heavily in Educational Service directed a wide range of audiences. The ICFTU has two display areas: within permanent, which is intended sensory and interactive with the public, promotes the framework of space and transformations of the territory.Starts with the evolution of Fossil Cliff and human settlement until the Bronze Age, providing information about the binomial resources occupancy. Through a multimedia game and a movie titled "Caturo, the little warrior" the visitor is attracted to the evolution of the occupation of the archaeological site. The temporary exhibition area of ​​betting on the value of archeology and its importance in the investigation of the occupation of the hill of St. Lawrence. Make known St. Lawrence, as well as traditions associated with this location. Starting from the four principal occupation displays some of the booty recovered from the excavations. For this space was designed expository structure that promotes greater exhibition area, which is intended more settled.

Website: http://www.municipio.esposende.pt/frontoffice/pages/284

E-mail: arqueologia@cm-esposende.pt

Telephone: (+351) 253 960 100

Address: Câmara Municipal de Esposende - Centro Interpretativo de S. Lourenço Praça do Município 4740-223 Esposende