Gastronomic weekends

The county Esposende - Land of Sea of ​​Braga - presents us with a cuisine based on the excellence of fish and seafood, prepared and cooked with art and mastery by restoration professionals.

Highlight if, in time, the lamprey Cávado river, passing by the sea bream and octopus of Apulia, in addition to bream, pout, mackerel, conger eels, sardines, and still many other goodies that make the taste to diners. The multiplicity of Flavours of the Sea featuring the cuisine of Esposende, deserve special mention other endogenous products such as Vinho Verde farmhouse bottlers producers of the county, the vegetables of the coastal fringe, the local candy highlighting the reputable Clarinhas of Fao, or even cheeses and butters Dairy Products Marinhas.