S. Lourenço (Vila Chã) panoramic view

Highest points of the fossil cliffs, line that separates the coastal plain of the first reliefs over the spring. You can see a vast expanse around! For the sides of the Sea, the view can stretch up to Esposende and Fão, and perhaps distinguish the famous "Fão Horses," those rocks always beaten by the waves. If you follow the line marked by the Cávado, you may understand its tortuous passage through the fertile fields which gives life and freshness. There, far away, Mills S. Felix. Closer, another hill as that where you are, Mount Faro. But the landscape to the east also has its charms: for more than three dozen kilometers, if the weather permits, you distinguish a good part of the topography of the Minho, to the Sameiro, as to the sides of Braga. And the north, another high point, more of a fossil cliff promontory, the Mount of Facho.

Coordinates: 41°33'21.7"N 8°45'42.1"W

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