Observatory of Esposende

Located on the Esposende waterfront, it is easy to access and park. It has a recreational marina and restaurants/bars as a support point. This equipment specially built in wood and for this place, forming a vortex, has a large window facing the estuary and Cávado’s river mouth, as well as seats to the north and south, allowing not only to the bird watcher but to the hiker a place to rest and enjoy the landscape.
Classified as a protected area, the Cávado estuary is characterized by the uniqueness of its reeds and Atlantic salty meadows. Its ecological relevance is based on the nutrient loads brought into the estuarine waters that constantly flood it and the high biological productivity indexes of its marshes and mudflats uncovered at low tide, so favorable for the occurrence of avifauna.
Located in an important migratory corridor for birds, this wetland is, therefore, a habitual stopping place or wintering destination for many species that find here a mild climate and a diversity of wide natural habitats that guarantee their sustenance and the necessary conditions for rest and protection. Here proliferate mainly waterfowl species, such as herons, ducks and cormorants, or waders, such as sandpipers and ruddy turnstones that occupy this marginal.

Associated Walking Trail: PR7 - PATH OF THE SEAFARERS

Coordinates: 41°32'08.4"N 8°47'07.9"W

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