PR4 - Trail of Antas watermills

Trail of Antas watermills

Description: This route stars at Azevedo Picnic Park at Antas Parish and Esposende Council. A journey of heritage, architecture, religion, archeology, ethnography and nature. The name comes from the various devices can be found along the river.

Location: Antas and Belinho

Starting Point: Azevedo Picnic Park

Path Type: Small route

Scope: Cultural, landscape

Distance: 11,22 Km

Difficulty level: Easy

Points of Interest: Chapel of St. Cristovão, chapel of Santa Tecla, Ingenio of Santa Tecla, Watermill of Sebastião (or Guilheta), Watermill of Carvalha, Alminha N. Senhora da Boa Viagem, Watermill of Minante, Menir of Antas, Parish Cruise , Parish Church of Antas, Chapel of S. João. Neiva River, river beaches, dune landscape and Neiva estuary.

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