PR5 - Fossil Clift

From Senhora da Guia to Monte Faro

Description: This linear path of Short Route is integrated into the Municipal Network Walks of Esposende which is partially signposted along its 11km. Spreading along the coast, you can visit the parishes of Belinho, Mar, Marinhas, Vila Chã and Palmeira de Faro.The starting points are to theNorth: the parking lot of the sanctuary or near the staircase leading to Monte da Senhora da Guia, to the south you can walk from the Mount Faro (Palmeira). A great way to know part of the municipality of Esposende. This course will discover the natural, historical, cultural and the landscape of the area. It allows a direct contact with flora and fauna. Another great asset of this route is the scenic beauty, which will enable the viewing of a wide area of ​​coastline, from Povoa de Varzim to Viana do Castelo, or as far away as the temple of Bom Jesus in Braga and the Serra d´Arga in Viana do Castelo. Walk through much of the fossil cliff crest - formed about 80,000 years ago - you can find many traces of fossils of the earliest land plants. You can enjoy traces that mark the presence of man in these parts - dolmens (the dolmen of Portalegre and Cruzinha) and tumuli (about 5000 years). There are also the forts (Castro St. Lawrence), who hosted the Galician people before the arrival of the Romans. With the advent of Romanization, under the aegis of the Christian emperors, people moved to the plains, genesis of many parishes of the Minho. In the medieval world the Hill of S. Lourenço served as the basis for building a small castle, which has survived the attacks of the Normans (Vikings). The time who had finally buried these traces of the past is now slowly bringing to light through archaeological excavations. Due to popular faith and devotion emerge the chapels of S. Lourenço and S. da Guia., as well as a small chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Paz. From these viewpoints, you can observe birds and enjoy beautiful coastal scenery. In ethnographic fieldwork, you can imagine the archaeological excavations

Location: Palmeira de Faro, Vlia Chã, Marinhas, Mar and Belinho

Starting Point: Monte Faro (Palmeira de Faro) or Monte Sra da Guia (Belinho)

Path Type: Short route, linear and open

Scope: History, Landscape and Natural

Distance: 12,4 Km

Difficulty level: Easy/Average

Best Season: All year (depending on weather)

Points of Interest: Viewpoint and Sanctuary of Srª da Guia, viewpoint and the Chapel of Srª da Paz, mills and watermills of Abelheira, Dolmen Portelagem, Castro, Chapel and viewpoint of S. Lourenço, Interpretive Centre S. Lourenço, Dolmen Cruzinha / Arribas and viewpoint of Monte Faro, Picotinho viewpoint and Arriba Fossil geological complex and Monte Faro mines (wolfram).

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