Belinho beach

Features: Very long beach, on a complex system of dunes, with short sandy with pebbles and rocky bottom to form often pools. It presents many pebbles, due to sea erosion, tends therefore to be an excellent place to take the family.

Services: It has a campsite nearby, with excellent conditions (Belinho Camping Park).

Access: Easy, from EN13 and Avenida da Praia. Unpaved road.

Capacity: People

Sport Activities / Entertainment: Sea fishing. Hiking.

Water Quality: Excellent (*). Average water temperature: 17 ° C.

Location: Belinho - Esposende 41° 34' 57.45" N 8° 48' 15.19" O

Observations: (*) See the updated bulletins (**) On the Maritime Authority, check the zones and special concessions to practice activity.