Cepães beach

Features: Beach inserted in urban areas, with extensive sand dunes. Easy access roads and walkways. With pebbles due to sea erosion, tends to be a great place to take the family and do activities / leisure games.

Services: Parking. Restaurant. Bar / coffee shop. Changing rooms. Showers. Lifeguard. Walking path. First aid equipment.

Access: Easy, with parking. Access for wheelchairs. Parking for bicycles. In summer, access from Esposende can be done in a small train that transports tourists.

Sport Activities / Entertainment: Windsurfing. Kitesurfing. Football and Beach volleyball. Surfing. Fishing. Walking trails (**)

Awards: Blue Flag

Water Quality: Excellent (*)

Location: Marinhas - Esposende 41° 33' 14.96" N 8° 47' 36.65 O

Observations: (*) See the updated bulletins (**) On the Maritime Authority, check the zones and special concessions to practice activity.