Ofir Beach

Features: South of the mouth of the River Cávado, integrated in the Natural Park of the North Coast, the beach of Ofir surrounded by pine forests and dune vegetation crossed by walkways and a sidewalk that gives access to the extensive sand. A natural curiosity are the rocks that emerge at low tide at low tide and that due to their shape are popularly called “Cavalos de Fão” (Fão Horses).


They call this formation of submerged Ordovician quartzite rocks, an outcrop clearly visible at tide - low, distant about 500-600metres from the shoreline.
Legend tells us that King Solomon, in gratitude for the welcome in these parts, brought horses to offer to King Ophir. When the angry Atlantic capsized, the boats sank and with them the horses too. As there were goblins on the beach, and feeling sorry for the horses, they decided to petrify them, thus transforming them into warnings for other sailors!
Alongside this legend, the truth is that these outcrops have always been a threat to navigation, as at high tide they are hidden by the waves and can always surprise the most incautious sailors. On low tide days they are very evident, as the wind spreads a mantle of white foam from the waves that crash against the hard rock.
Geologically, we can say that these quartzites were formed during the Lower Ordovician, between 500-350 Million Years ago. They present themselves occasionally with ichnofossils of Scolithus and Cruzianas and are testimonies of times when there was only life in the sea.
As a geological formation they have allowed the settlement of various marine species, which have chosen this place to settle and are also used as a refuge or feeding grounds. They are therefore an oasis of life within the marine area of the Litoral Norte Natural Park.
A little further south we see another formation, very similar to the Cavalos de Fão, in orientational and petrographic terms, as they are coeval. They are called Pena, and also, like the Cavalos formation, they are aggregators of life and constitute a niche of biodiversity of our coast.

Services: Parking. Area concession. Restaurants. Bar / coffee shop. Toilets. Awnings and tents to rentals. Beach lifeguard. First Aid. Sunshade Area. Access for wheelchairs. Car park with 1 spaces reserved for vehicles carrying disabled people with a parking card. Amphibious chair (the use of the equipment is freely accessible, during the beach opening period).

Access: Easy, with parking nearby and free. Wooden walkways to the concession area.

Capacity: 800 People

Sport Activities / Entertainment: Windsurfing. Kitesurfing. Surf schools. Sports Fishing.

Awards: Blue Flag. Gold quality.

Water Quality: Excellent (*). Average water temperature: 19 ° C.

Location: Village of Fão, Esposende. 41° 31' 1.92" N 8° 47' 15.33" O

Observations: (*) See the updated bulletins (**) On the Maritime Authority, check the zones and special concessions to practice activity.