Ramalha Beach

Features: Beach with a very wide sandy area, with a consolidated dune system to the north and a dune formation in the south beach.

Services: Parking. Bar. Beach with concession / cafeteria. Showers. Lifeguard. It is near Rio Alto Camping Park (Póvoa de Varzim).

Access: Moderate, with part of the course on dirt road.

Sport Activities / Entertainment: Windsurfing. Football and Beach Volleyball. Surfing. Sports Fishing.

Awards: Blue Flag.

Water Quality: Excellent (*). Average water temperature: 18 ° C

Location: Place of Ramalha, Village of Apulia - Esposende. 41° 28' 26.94" N 8° 46' 31.05" O

Observations: (*) See the updated bulletins (**) On the Maritime Authority, check the zones and special concessions to practice activity.