10 endogenous experiences in Esposende

In Esposende, the Sea and the Earth are in perfect symbiosis, giving rise to genuine flavors of unparalleled quality. Tasting these flavors is a must-experience! The palate is unforgettable and stays in memory.

The horticultural planted by the sea, cultivated and harvested today with the same skill and experience of our ancestors, can be cooked and harmonized in many different ways, providing our dishes with colorful flavors with unparalleled nutritional richness.

The Atlantic sea and the rivers Cávado and Neiva offer us the freshness of fish and seafood, so appreciated by our people and by those who visit us. The lamprey, the seabass and the rock octopus are just a few examples of the most appreciated species. This table of Atlantic food, carries us through a real journey and it’s cooking respects tradition, simplicity, but it's also able to surprise us for it’s creativity and mastery of our Chef’s. The restaurants of the municipality, are therefore of excellence, establishing themselves as a landmark and imperious experience of flavors of the sea.

Cheese and butter form Lacticínios das Marinhas stand out for excellence, quality and unique flavors. It's production, still of an artisan nature, respects the highest standards of quality, which translates into products of reference appreciated in the national and international panorama, something that is easily verified by the many prizes already won, that makes us quite proud.

About Esposende’s pastry, we have various motives to rejoice. The famous “Clarinhas”, “Cavacas”, “Folhadinhos” and “Esquimós” are some examples of genuine delicacies that can be acquired and tasted in the local pastries. The degustation of these sweets is a real pleasure that you will, certainly, want to repeat. These are flavors with memory of the past, and whose recipes date back decades using only the highest standard of quality of raw-materials.

Another crown jewel of the municipality of Esposende, is the acclaimed Green Wine, one of a kind in the world. Esposende has a multitude of producers of this winery richness, that as a whole, offer to the market a fresh, light, smooth and aromatic wine that is in perfect sync with the local gastronomy. Green Wine is therefore an irreproachable accompaniment for all moments, whether of relaxation, celebration and fellowship, or simply of contemplation.

For all these and other reasons, Esposende's gastronomy is of an incredible richness and its tasting will certainly be an exclusive experience. Please do feel invited as our guest to enjoy these endogenous experiences…