Junco Interpretive Center

The Junco Interpretive Centre, inaugurated on the 30th of June, is located on the lower floor of the Centro Cultural de Forjães, whose walls are lined with tiles by the painter and ceramist Jorge Rey Colaço. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a century-old loom, displayed there and embedded in the staircase of the old courtyard of this building, built by the local benefactor António Rodrigues de Faria to serve as a primary school. On the walls, you can see a series of panels that address themes such as the History of the "Esteireiros" (people who worked the junco), The Plant and the Junco Ecosystem, The Arts and Crafts of Junco, and its Marketing. In the space there are also two small looms, in addition to a series of baskets and artefacts linked to this manual, ecological and sustainable art.
The opening of this space opens horizons for new discoveries around this plant fiber (juncus maritimus), enabling the development of new dynamics in terms of crafts and creative tourism, in addition to continuing to constitute a distinctive and exclusive element of the territory of Esposende.

Website: https://forjaes.pt/centro-interpretativo-do-junco/

E-mail: juntadefreguesia@forjaes.pt

Telephone: (+351) 253 877 430

Address: Centro Cultural de Forjães, Av.ª Santa Marinha, 12 4740-438 Forjães