PR12 - Masseiras Trail

Wind and Man's Path

Description: This short and simple trail tends to recall the old ways of working, in the sea-land dichotomy, with fishermen-farmers taming the means to guarantee their subsistence. They brought the Sargaço and the Pilado crab from the sea, which was then spread out to dry in the white sands of Apúlia to later serve as fertilizer in the fields, where all kinds of agricultural products were grown.
The mills, which today serve as sentinels at the top of the secular dunes, rotated their sails and millstones to make flours. Today, an indisputable heritage and characterizing the people who live here, they are remembered in the longing for ancient traditions, where customs, dances and gastronomy identify well the men and women in cloaks, who conquered the sea and dominated the land.
Ex-libris of this route will be the observation tower over Lagoa de Apúlia, where you can see several species, animals and plants, which cohabit in this complex system with unique biodiversity.

Location: Apúlia

Starting Point: In front of the mills of Apulia.

Path Type: Short rout, circular.

Scope: Landscaping and cultural

Distance: 7,40 Km

Difficulty level: Easy

Best Season: All the year

Cartography: Military Map Nº 54, Army Geographic Institute 1/25000 scale map.

Points of Interest: Apulia beach, natural patrimonium, Parque natural Litoral Norte, Mills. Advised Season: All the year

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Additional Information: When thinking of doing this route, since a stretch requires circulation by the beach, predict accidents and observe the tides table as well as the strong swell / winds of the sea!